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This section can only be accessed by members of the ARA UK. ARA UK provides comprehensive training for doctors, pharmacists and clinics in the best treatment for acne and rosacea. We provide written modules detailing the pathogenesis of acne, conventional treatments for acne, additional treatments for acne, treatment of acne scarring and advice for the acne sufferers. For rosacea there are modules on the pathogenesis of rosacea and management of this condition. Teaching is via webinars which are presented by Professor Tony Chu with facility to answer questions. Individuals what have completed the course then take MCQs on acne and rosacea and if they pass will be awarded a certificate of competence from ARA UK.

Module One

This webcam details the pathogenesis of acne and the conventional treatments of acne.

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Module Two

This webcam highlights the problems faced with the macrocomedone and treatment of this and acne cysts.

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Module Three

This webcam is devoted to rosacea, detailing the different theories on its pathogenesis and current treatments available.

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Module Four

Webinar 4 is devoted to questions posed by participants which will be individually answered by Prof Chu.

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Acne Accredition Test

This is an MCQ where more than one answer may be correct. The questions are based on the modules and webinars. 70% would represent a pass.


Rosacea Accredition Test

Rosacea Questionnaire ARA UK ACCREDITATION – ROSACEA Complete and submit your Rosacea Accreditation Test answers and an advisor will be in touc