Prevent Post-Exercise Breakouts

Prevent Post-Exercise Breakouts

In order to maintain a healthy body and skin, it is essential that we know all the ways to prevent post-exercise breakouts whether they’re on your face or your body. As long as you take the proper steps to maintain the best skincare that will keep your skin free of dirt and other bacteria then you can continue to exercise regularly without the fear of acne-filled skin.

The combination of dead skin, clogged pores and bacteria that builds up during exercise contributes to these post-exercise breakouts rather than exercise itself.

Exercise has been shown to be good for the skin. It increases blood flow and benefits many organs like the heart, lungs and skin. With all that being said, there are things one can do to try to prevent the aggravation of acne. Getting outdoors and increasing oxygenation of the skin can lead to improvements in your skin health.

In order to prevent post-exercise breakouts from exercising, follow these 11 tips:

Remove All of Your Make-Up Before Exercising

If you don’t remove your make-up before exercising then this can block your pores and prevent most of the sweat coming out, causing it to build up under the skin, resulting in bacteria growing and breakouts appearing. It is important that your always remember to remove your make-up before exercising as not doing so is the main reason for acne breakouts after the gym.

Wash Your Face before Exercise

Wash your face before exercise, even if you haven’t been wearing make-up, gentle exfoliation can remove the build-up of make-up, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.

Wipe down Your Equipment

Always remember to make good use of the antibacterial wipes and spray that your gym provides. Wiping down each machine that you use before and after can eliminate the chance of you coming into contact with other people’s sweat and bacteria that will cause breakouts.

Always Wear Clean Gym Clothes

Dirty gym clothes are another factor for the development of acne post-exercise as old sweat that accumulates in dirty, used gym clothes results in a build-up of bacteria. To avoid back acne always ensure that you wear a clean top and if you are a woman a clean bra to eliminate this build-up of bacteria as this area is particularly susceptible. Always wash your clothes after exercise.

Stay Fully Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is very important and even more important whilst exercising to avoid dehydration. A key effect of hormonal skin sensitivity is that skin water loss accelerates and the skin thickens to try and stop this and also produces more oil. This majorly contributes to acne formation, Hydrate your skin regularly and try to boost lipids in your skin by ceramide boosting.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Bacteria is passed from person to person when using gym equipment and other objects when exercising if not cleaned properly, therefore touching your face whilst exercising can lead to breakouts as a result of transferring the dirt and bacteria from these objects.

Shower Right after Exercise

To wash away sweat and other dirt after exercise it is important to shower straight away. If this is left to linger for too long a breakout may occur.

Apply Your Skincare Right Away

If you do often suffer from post-exercise breakouts always be prepared and use your skincare products after your workout. Wash your face immediately after your workout. It’s one of the main skincare rules that you should never break. You don’t want a cocktail of dirt, oil, and bodily fluids clinging to your skin, clogging your pores.

Fuel with the Right Foods

The right diet is important to help avoid acne breakouts as a bad diet causes inflammation, leading to the increase of oil production. Remember the Eskimo or Inuit to more properly name then never encountered acne until they were introduced to Western diet high in carbs. Their high fish and blubber diet packed with omegas oils also meant their skin was oil and lipid rich and so skin moisture control was excellent. Supplementing your diet with Omega oils is particularly a good anti acne choice.

Exercise at Cooler Times of the Day

If you like to exercise outside, try and schedule your workouts for cooler times of the day, as during the summer and during high humidity this can increase oil production, blocking pores and leading to increased acne. Exercising first thing in the morning or later in the evening is advised.

Moisturise Your Skin

Athletes should moisturise twice a day as it has been shown that moisturised skin minimises acne breakouts. Skin with a high water content may find it harder to develop a clog – an initial step in acne formation.

Don’t let the fear of breakouts stop you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by following these 11 helpful tips to prevent post-exercise breakouts!

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