Our Mission

Acne and rosacea can have a profound impact on the quality of life of sufferers but are sometimes poorly treated and can be trivialised by health professionals. For these reasons Professor Tony Chu started the first Acne and Rosacea charity in the UK in the early 1990s, the Acne Support Group to provide information and support for acne and rosacea sufferers. He stepped down as the Chairman in 1999 when his wife presented him with triplets and the ASG unfortunately, subsequently folded. On retiring from the NHS in 2017 be saw a real need for a new charity for the acne and rosacea sufferers and started the Acne and Rosacea Association UK. This charity aims to improve the management of these diseases by training Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists on the best ways of treating them and solutions to various pitfalls that can be encountered. We aim to provide sufferers with information, help and support in achieving the best results in their treatment. ARAUK will provide a training program for doctors, clinics, nurses and pharmacists in the modern management of acne and rosacea and treatment of long term sequelae including scarring, telangiectasia and rhinophyma. On its website it will provide help and updates on treatments for health professionals as well as help, updates and support for sufferers. It will provide information on new treatments, answer questions from health professionals as well as sufferers and provide a forum for sufferers to share experiences and problems with other sufferers.

Need Help?

Acne and rosacea are skin conditions which millions of people in the UK face. 1 in 10 people have rosacea and 85% of people will have acne at some point in their lives – the statistics are staggering.

The ARA UK is a charity created by Professor Tony Chu, to educate 500 clinics and dermatologists and 2000 pharmacies about acne and rosacea in terms of the development, complications and how to effectively treat the many different cases.

Acne-Rosacea Is Not A Thing

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the biggest skin myth of them all? So-called ‘Acne-Rosacea’ that’s what! For those of you who aren’t aware, Acne-Rosacea is essentially the Loch Ness Monster of skin; never proven to exist, never even seen by the human eye, and yet believed in by so many that you could be.

How Does The Contraceptive Pill Affect Acne?

Often described as one of the greatest advances in both modern medicine and women’s liberation, the contraceptive Pill is one of the most widely used forms of birth control in the world. In 1961, women in the UK were given the ability to choose what they wanted for their bodies and their families. Since then

Does Having Acne Mean You Don’t Wash Enough?

Does having acne mean you don’t wash enough? The answer is no, having acne does not mean you don’t wash enough. For starters, did you know that a whopping 1 in 5 adults suffer from acne and that around 85% of people will suffer from it at some point in their lives? While the common